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Long term tree management

The following generic guidance has been produced in partnership with our arboriculture partners Hayden’s Arboricultural Consultants.

This general guidance has been provided for implementation on a generic basis. The advice of a arboricultural consultant must be sought where necessary.

Annual requirements
  • All newly planted trees to be subject to regular inspection in accordance with the following principles:

    • Monitor woodland for incidents of pests, diseases, pathogens and potential hazards to site users;

    • Works to be undertaken within the principle of ‘minimum intervention’ and should seek to improve wildlife habitat;

    • Retention of deadwood on site where it is safe and practicable to do so;

  • Corrective tree surgery and fell dead or unstable trees retaining 4m standing deadwood poles where safe to do so.

Years 1-4
  • All planted areas to be managed by the strimming of nettles, brambles, and other weeds twice yearly in May and late July.

  • During hot periods (June to September) all newly planted standard trees each to be watered fortnightly with 50 litres of clean, fresh water.

Year 5
  • All newly planted trees to be subject to formative pruning to remove any foreseeable defects and prevent avoidable management issues.

  • Any newly planted stock which has failed, become damaged or died to be replaced with stock sizes to match the original specification.

  • Any replacement trees to be subject to the maintenance requirements set out in above for a further 4 years.

Years 10, 15 and 20
  • Thinning works to be undertaken to remove lower quality and potentially problematic, self-sown specimens if necessary to provide improved growing conditions for newly planted trees.

Need further advice on tree/woodland management?

Contact Hayden's Arboricultural Consultants:

Head Office

Tel: 01284 765391

Southwest Office

Tel: 01722 657423

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