Case Studies


Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

School site development - Newport, Essex

Practical Ecology Ltd were commissioned to undertake a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal to identify any constraints which may apply to the construction of a new school building at the edge of a playing field in Newport, Essex.

Trees on site that either need to be felled to facilitate the development or due to short life expectancy were assessed for their suitability for roosting bats were identified during the PEA site visit.


4 trees with suitability for roosting bats were identified. 

Subsequent inspection of potential roost features using an endoscope and a mobile elevated working platform (MEWP) has ruled out the presence of any potential bat roosts and the trees can now be felled with no further consideration for bats.


An application for the development will soon be submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

A three-hectare field was surveyed by our experienced ecologists.


As the project is at masterplanning stage, our report has been used to adapt proposals for the site to target an ‘eco-friendly’ brand but also maximise efficient and economic use of space.

Medium-sized building development - Cambridgeshire

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

c.500 Home Housing Development - Chelmsford, Essex

Through an Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey, Practical Ecology Ltd provided an accurate account of the features of the site in order to provide information for the progression of the project through the masterplanning stages.

We provided a list of the robust and complementary ecological enhancement measures which would ensure a favourable planning decision.   

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey


Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

School Site Development– Abbeywood, Greater London

Proposals are to extend a school building to increase the number classrooms in primary school.

Our ecologist identified a bat roost and confirmed the species using the feature through DNA analysis by an third party laboratory.


Practical Ecology Ltd have consulted with the client on the development on plans for the careful timings of works and/or avoidance of the roost to ultimately facilitate the addition of the new school building. 


Phase 2 Surveys

Ecological Management Plan and ‘Phase 2’ Protected Species Surveys – Hastings, East Sussex

A small extension to an existing service station. Our ecologist identified the potential constraints of woodland encroachment on local ecological receptors.


In order to facilitate a planning decision and in consultation with the Local Planning Authority, Practical Ecology Ltd have now produced an Ecological Management Plan and are currently undertaking badger sett monitoring, aerial tree inspections and a dormouse survey in order to facilitate the development.

Our ecologists identified a bat roost in a brick, former agricultural building.


In Summer 2016, we undertook emergence re-entry surveys which have provided sufficient information to allow an application to register the site with Natural England for a Low Impact Class Licence.

Conversion of a former agricultural barn complex - Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Bat Surveys


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