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Protected Species Surveys & Mitigation 


Practical Ecology Ltd provide the full range of protected species surveys to aid planning applications.


Operating throughout East Anglia and further afield when work leads us there, our professional ecologists provide ecology surveys for the following protected species:


  • Great crested newts;

  • Reptiles;

  • Bats - 

    • Preliminary Roost Assessments;

    • Bat activity surveys (also known as emergence/re-entry surveys or dawn/dusk surveys);

    • Transect surveys;

    • Aerial tree inspections.

  • Badger -

    • Activity surveys;

    • Sett monitoring.

  • Nesting birds checks;

  • Breeding bird surveys;

  • Otters;

  • Water voles;

  • White-clawed crayfish;

  • Dormice; and

  • Invertebrates. 

For more information or a competitive quote please contact us.
Tel: 01379 740098
Mititgation and licences
Mitigation and Licences

Our ecologists, with the aid of skilled Associates and contractors, are experienced in designing and implementing mitigation strategies for protected species and habitats.

Here at Practical Ecology Ltd we also have a excellent record in securing Developer licences, Low Impact Class Licences and European Protected Species Mitigation Licences. 

Owing to high quality reports, excellent track records with Local Planning Authorities across the UK and Natural England we have  successfully acquired licences for the following protected species:

  • Great crested newts;

  • Bats;

  • Badgers;

  • Otters;

  • Water voles; and

  • Dormice.

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