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Our services

Phase 1 surveys
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals

  • Extended Phase 1 habitat surveys

  • Preliminary Roost Assessments for Bats

  • Ecological Impact Assessment

Find out more about the Phase 1 survey that we offer:

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Tel: 01379 740098
Protected Species Surveys & Mitigation

Specific surveys for the following protected species:

  • Bats 

  • Great crested newts

  • Reptiles

  • Water voles

  • Badgers

  • Otter

  • White-clawed crayfish

  • Breeding bird surveys

  • Nesting bird checks

  • Dormouse surveys

  • Invertebrate surveys (stag beetle and other notable invertebrate surveys)

  • Invasive plant species


Find out more about the protected species surveys we offer:

Other Services
  • Biological Management Plans

  • Ecological Management Plans (EcMP)

  • Schemes of Biodiversity Enhancement

  • Ecological Clerk of Works

  • Environmental Statements

  • Habitat Regulations Assessment ​

  • Invasive plant species management

  • Habitat management

  • Habitat translocation


Find out more about these services:

Arboricultural services

Our partner Hayden's Arboricultural Consultants provide tree surveys for

  • Planning 

  • Health and Safety

  • Mortgage and Insurance


Find out more about our partnership:

Do I need an ecology survey

Do I need an ecology survey?

The need for an ecology survey depends on:

  • Type of development;

  • Size of development;

  • Proximity of the development to protected sites; and

  • Existing ecological interest on site.

Your Local Planning Authority should indicate whether they would like an ecology survey to be submitted with your planning application.

Some LPAs will be able to supply with a Biodiversity Checklist for the applicant to fill out. In the process of filling out the form, it may become apparent that you require an ecology survey, however if you are unsure we can help you fill it out correctly.

If your LPA does not supply you with a Biodiversity Checklist, it does not necessarily mean that they won’t require an ecology survey/report from you.


In this case, we have our own Biodiversity Checklist available to download.

Please send us:

  • a copy of your biodiversity checklist;

  • photos of existing site condition;

  • a copy of your existing and proposed site plans;

to us, at and an ecologist will look over it for you.


Based on the information you provide, we can advise that either of the appropriate following actions to be undertaken on your behalf:

  • Letter/phone call to Local Planning Authority – to ascertain their requirements for the site or to explain that an ecology survey is not appropriate.

  • Phase 1 survey work.

Find out when different surveys can be undertaken here.

Biodiversity Checklist Download
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